Is the Life of a Traveling Healthcare Professional Right for You?

By - Zach
09.18.2023 01:11 PM

No matter what healthcare discipline you specialize in, there’s always a market for talented healthcare professionals willing to travel for assignments. Now more than ever before, hospitals and care facilities need willing and able professionals— and the opportunities to take your career to the next level in a new place are limitless.  


If you find yourself craving a change in scenery, longing to explore new cities, or wanting to bring your skills where they’re needed most, becoming a traveling healthcare professional might be just the thing for you. Travelers get to experience places across the country while bringing their skills and expertise to those in need. It’s an extremely rewarding, fulfilling, and educational career track — but it isn’t for everyone.

Am I a good fit for being a travel healthcare professional?

Before you take the leap toward becoming a traveler, it’s important to do a little bit of soul-searching: 

  • Are you someone who is quick to adapt to new situations and processes? 
  • Are you able to acclimate to new environments and work cultures within a short period of time? 
  • Does socializing with strangers come easily to you? 
  • Do you feel comfortable exploring new places and doing things on your own?  


If so, being a traveling healthcare professional might be effortless for you. That said, success as a traveling nurse or healthcare professional also depends on your professional skillset. 

What does it take to be a medical traveler?

Good travelers are resourceful, flexible, and able to perform their duties in different ways depending on what the situation calls for. They know that different healthcare facilities have different processes. This is why flexibility is a key skill every traveling nurse or healthcare provider must possess. As a traveler, you’ll need to be able to conform to your assigned facility’s methods, even if they feel new to you.

So what does it take to be considered for a traveling healthcare assignment? Hospitals and other care facilities typically look to hire travelers when they’re experiencing staffing shortages. They expect hires to arrive ready to perform at a high level with minimal orientation. Most hospitals require that travelers have at least one year of experience in their specialty or role in order to be considered for open assignments. Some may even require you to have at least a year of experience taking travel assignments in order to ensure you’re able to adapt to new environments quickly and efficiently.  

What are the benefits of being a traveling HCP?

Each travel assignment in healthcare is a major opportunity to hone your skills as a nurse or care provider, practice your ability to adapt, and expand your network. The more facilities you serve, the broader your knowledge of how different hospital and care systems operate. As a travel nurse, you’ll also have ample opportunities to continue expanding your skills and experience. There will always be a learning curve every time you accept a new assignment, but you’ll probably find the rewards are well worth the effort. 


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