CareStaf Thanks Our Field Staff for 25 Years!

During the first week of December, we invited our field staff to come in for an open house. This wasn't just any open house, though. Owners, Dennis and Peggy Brown, wanted to show their appreciation to CareStaf's field staff for all they've done over the last 25 years.

CareStaf wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the compassion and the skill of our RN's, LPN's and CNA's.

As part of the open house, we gave away many prizes (see below for the names of the winners) and shared lots of food and drink, games, and even some complimentary chair massages and manicures! We had a blast seeing everyone and thanking them in person for their hard work. Check out some of the pictures!

While in the office, many of our staff congratulated CareStaf on 25 years! Everyone had wonderful things to say and we put it all into the following video! Give it a like and share it on social media!

Didn't make it in to give your own video testimonial? That's OK! Come on by the office any time and have us film one with you.

And now to announce the winners of our awesome giveaway!

Amazon Echo - Katy

Amazon Gift Card - Lanette

Applebee's Gift Card - Keshonn

Chili's Gift Card - Ben

Honey Baked Ham Gift Card - Jackie

IHOP Gift Card - Carrie

Marriott Gift Card - Julia

Smash Burger Gift Card - Robert

Southwest Gift Card - Tru-Kechia

Starbucks Gift Card - Keyona

Starbucks Gift Card - Dyneisha

Starbucks Gift Card - Lucy

Starbucks Gift Card - Tunisha

Starbucks Gift Card - Pam

Starbucks Gift Card - Jennifer

Starbucks Gift Card - Tanesha

Starbucks Gift Card - Dumlesi

Starbucks Gift Card - Teresa

Starbucks Gift Card - Breunna

Starbucks Gift Card - Tylesha

Starbucks Gift Card - Loutrina

Starbucks Gift Card - Cynthia

Starbucks Gift Card - Sandra

Starbucks Gift Card - Briana

Starbucks Gift Card - Shanika

Suitcase - Ashley

Tablet - Donna

Tablet - LaShunda

And the winner of the grand prize...

A Dell Touchscreen Computer:


Congratulations to all our winners! We know how hard our field staff works and we love being able to thank you!

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