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CareStaf Going Green

A recent article that appeared in the Staffing Industry Review Magazine talked about companies doing their best to "go green". "Protecting and preserving the environment is something many companies take very seriously. Companies are doing their best to reduce their environmental footprint by taking such steps as recycling, using less paper, recycling paper, installing energy efficient lights and turning lights off when they're not needed, encouraging carpooling and allowing telecommuting. for these companies Earth Day isn't just one day in April, it's every day." "At CareStaf, a Kansas City-based medical staffing company, when a client requests to see a temporary worker's certification-for example, the individual's nursing license or CPR card - the company emails the information instead of photocopying and faxing it, which used to be the standard practice, according to account manager Martha Mick. The documentation is emailed using a software program called Image Now from Kansas City -based Perceptive Software, which allows CareStaf to make an image of any piece of paper that comes into its office. The image is then stored in the company's hard drive. "We have cut our paper usage in half (by using Image Now)," comments Mick. "We have already gotten rid of ten filing cabinets." Exerpts used above were taken from the complete article written by:

Julie Gordon, February 2008, Issue of Staffing Industry Review Magazine

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