CareStaf Celebrates with One of Our Own

Kathy Shaulis is celebrating 25 years of nursing!! She was recently honored at the annual luncheon for the Kansas City Regional Home Care Association as an Outstanding Associate. We've gotten to know Kathy and decided to share her story!

Kathy Shaulis accepting her award.

Kathy was in the military where she met and married her husband. When they got out of the military, they settled down and had two children. After 12 years her husband suddenly passed away from a massive heart attack. At that time, Kathy decided to move to Wyoming where she had a lot of family. She was told all through life that she didn’t have the sense God gave a goose. She decided that she wasn’t going to believe the negative things. She focused on the positive and successfully completed school and became an LPN. Kathy first began working in long term care. She decided that wasn’t for her and moved into Pediatric home care. That is where she found her home. Kathy loves taking care of her pediatric patients. She had one client for many years and it still hurts her heart that she lost her. She is taking care of a special little boy right now who likes to look at Kathy’s angel on her phone. This is a picture of her former patient. It is so sweet that there is a connetion and so wonderful that the little girl she took care of for so long isn’t forgotten but is celebrated! Kathy is 65 and about to take on a new challenge with her daughter and her family moving back to Kansas City. She is so looking forward to spending time with her grandson, taking him to kindergarten and teaching him many things.

Kathy, Martha, Tiffany and Jay

On her 25th year of nursing, Kathy brought the CareStaf office treats to celebrate!! How about that? We are so lucky to have her as part of our wonderful group of nurses. Thank you for all you do for your patients. The nursing field is a better place with Kathy a part of it!

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