CareStaf Paycards Offer Payback Rewards

As we approach the Holiday season and you are using your paycards for holiday gift purchases, now is a good time to remember to sign into your Online Account Center to view your Payback Rewards. Payback Rewards are available to all Skylight ONE Card cardholders and provide offers based on how and where you use your card. There is no need for you to enroll in the program. It is automatically available to all accounts that are registered for the Online Account Center and you can select the offers that are right for you. Here is an example: You purchase sporting equipment, then access your Online Account and see an offer from a sporting equipment retaler offfering a percentage of cash back on your next purchase. You select the offer to activate it and then you must shop at that retailer to receive that offer. The following month, the cash reward is then deposited into your cardholder account. It's that easy! In September (2014), Paycard cardholders who were actively using the program found close to 3 offers that appealed to them. The most popular offers across the entire NetSpend portfolio included offers from fast food restaurants (Starbucks, McDonald's, Hardee's), discount retailers/department stores (K-mart, Sears, Walmart), as well as specialty retailers (Autozone, Petsmart, Petco). In fact, for Paycard cardholders who selected and activated a reward, the average reward earned per account was more than $4.00. Now that's something a paper paycheck or traditional bank account can't do for you! So remember to Log in and Get YOUR Rewards!

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