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CareStaf CPR Requirements

Recently CareStaf has reviewed its policy on what is considered acceptable for CPR cards.

CareStaf accepts American Red Cross CPR cards

CareStaf accepts American Heart Association CPR cards

CareStaf DOES NOT accept online CPR cards

Although CPR cards received from online courses may use the wording that their "training is consistent with AHA", they are not approved by the AHA (American Heart Association) as accepted training.

If you have taken an online CPR course, in order to work for CareStaf, you will have to take an approved course from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. The AHA does have an online course, but you would still be required to test on the equipment in order to be qualified to work for CareStaf.

We offer courses at our office several times per month. If those do not work for your schedule, we have a list of other sources which may better fit your schedule.

To find out more details about our classes, please call our office: (913) 498-2888