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Upcoming Documentary about Overcoming Physical Tragedies

A new documentary film about three artists using creativity to overcome physical tragedies is currently in production. It seeks to spread awareness about physical disabilities. "The film is inspirational in nature and challenges societal beliefs and biases towards those suffering from physical disabilities. The documentary highlights the stories of artists who have overcome life altering obstacle such as paralysis, degenerative eye disease, chronic illness and brain damage. One of the artists in our film, Katie Dallam, is a painter/sculptor who lost half her brain in a boxing match and with that, her self-censorship as an artist. Her story inspired the feature film, Million Dollar Baby. In her own words, the loss benefitted her. Despite the disability, the injury destroyed her preconceived notions of what it means to be an artist and has allowed her to flourish and come out of depression. This film shows Katie, as an artist and thinker, who offers an empowering and inspirational voice to the community of people suffering from a disability and that her role in the film opens up an important dialogue about living with a disability. With four months left before the release of our film, we are getting in touch with organizations like yours as we believe our film might be of interest to the people involved in the Brain Injury Association of Kansas. We are hoping to spread awareness about the disabilities highlighted in the film and the film itself. The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art has agreed to collaborate with us and will be featuring the film at the museum along with several events in conjunction with promoting the film." View the trailer now.

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