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April Star

As the April Star, Julia W. is a great example of what all CareStaf employees are like.

Julia was born in Independence, MO and lived there until the age of 5, when she moved to the Osceola area. From the time Julia was a little girl, she was always taking care of some animal or sick doll. She says that she can't remember not wanting to become a nurse when she grew up. After 30 years in health care, the last nine as an LPN, it is apparent that she made the right choice.

Although not much of a fan of getting up early to get to work, she is so happy when she arrives and gets a smile and feels the love from her patients. They know she is there to give them all that she can and to do all she can for them to make each day the best it can be.

When not working, Julia loves to ride horses, sew and spend time in her garden. She has been married for 27 years, has 3 grown boys and 2 grandchildren.

She found CareStaf accidentally and considers it a blessing. Julia loves the fact that she can call CareStaf 24 hours a day/7 days a week and talk to someone who knows what is going on with her Client. If they aren't available, they will always call her back within a few minutes. She says she can tell how much the office staff cares about their Clients and their employees.

CareStaf thanks Julia for all that she has done for her patients. We are lucky to have her.