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Wellness Program Still Going Strong

We have entered our 10th week and everyone is really committed to our program!

Ok so we have had a few slipups and setbacks, but if we were perfect we wouldn't need this program. The important thing is that we are keeping with our goals. Everyone is trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Some of us shoot for 12-14 (That's a lot of water!). We are also trying to maintain 2 fruits and 3 vegetables per day. This alone has helped many of us shed a few pounds because there isn't much room left for anything else but a little protein. We are walking every day and it helps to have the pedometers to remind us. More later on how many steps we have taken. The best part is, our office has collectively lost just over 60 pounds and counting!! We have just over one month left on our program, so everyone step it up! (get it?) Just a little play on words.

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