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March Star

Mary I. has been named March 2012 Star of the Month.

She has been an LPN for 26 years. She told us that she became interested in becoming a nurse when she had her first child. She found the nurse who took care of her in the hospital to be so kind and gentle that she decided she wanted to make a difference and help people as well. It has always been hard for Mary when she no longer cares for patients. It's difficult not to become attached.

Kansas City has been home for a while, but Mary is originally from Texas. Born in Lamesa and raised in Hereford, Tx. She and her husband moved to Kansas City when he was transferred. Personally besides a husband, Mary has three grown children. She comes from a family of six children and as the first born has always been a caregiver.

CareStaf is special to Mary because we have been able to give her the kind of work she was looking for. She wanted a break from Nursing homes and found it with CareStaf.

Thank you Mary for all you do for your Clients and in representing CareStaf so well.