Health Arrives at CareStaf

CareStaf office employees have started a Healthy lifestyle program. All of our employees are either on a weight loss program or an overall health and fitness program. We began our new wellness strategy on February 16th. We had to wait until after Valentine's day. Except for Easter when another candy event rolls around, we shouldn't be too tempted. Our program consist of a few major points that you have to follow: Drink a minimum of 8 (8oz.) glasses of water per day Eat a minimum of 2 fruits per day Eat a minimum of 3 vegetables per day Exercise a minimum of 3 (30 minute) times per week We are really getting into it. All are very excited. We will let you know our progress in upcoming blogs, so follow along.

Also, all are welcome to join us. Part of our goal is to get healthy and the other part is to look absolutely Terrific!!. Part of our goal is to get healthy. The other part, is to look Great!! We will stay on our program at least until the end of May. After that, we'll see. If we don't meet our goals in a particular week, we lose points, if we exceed a particular goal on a particular day, we get a point. At the end of May, who knows, their may be a prize involved for all who participated and succeeded. If we exceed a particular goal on a particular day, we get a point. Those on the weight loss plan, must at least keep their weight the same each week, but hopefully lose a pound or two. IT'S EXCITING!! Good luck to one and all!!

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