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February Star

This month our CareStaf Star of the Month is Teresa F.

Teresa was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1st grade. Her parents always used to scold her because as a child, when she got tired she would fall asleep. No matter where she was. She tells us that the police would have to come and find her all the time. And no, she was not narcoleptic.

Teresa has always been a caregiver. Even as a teenager when she cared for her neighbor who had cerebral palsey and used to have seizures. She considers the best part of her job to be that she feels she might have made someone's day or life better ,even if it was only for a few hours or days. The hardest part of her job is wishing she could have done more for them.

Teresa spends a lot of time playing games with her three children and three grandchildren around. She is happily married to her husband of 7 years.

She loves the CareStaf office team and all of the clients she has cared for. She feels that all of them have just been wonderful to her. Teresa has been with CareStaf for 4 years. Her dedication and hard work show with all of the compliments we get about her work.

Thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate all that you do!