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At CareStaf, we pride ourselves on providing the best care for your loved ones. See what our clients over the years have shared about their experiences.

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Recently I needed to find care for my mother-in-law who was in an assisted living facility. She had become agitated and the staff needed extra help to care for her. I found CareStaf and was very please. Although we only used them for a few nights, they did a very good job. There staff was pleasant and on time. In the past I used another agency, but I'm so glad that this time I called CareStaf. Everyone  form the office staff to the caregivers did a good job. I would use CareStaf again and I would definitely recommend CareStaf to others.

CareStaf Took Good Care of My Family

Bill C.

When I didn't know where to turn, I found CareStaf. They sent someone to take care of my husband on short notice. He could not be left alone because he had just had surgery and was a fall risk. The treatment and care we received was excellent. They treated me very well and helped ease my mind. I will definitely call CareStaf again!

CareStaf Was There When I Was Desperate

K. B.

Your staff is well trained and sweet. We were so glad that we switched to CareStaf from another agency. We will definitely call CareStaf if we need additional care. We will also recommend your services to anyone who needs care. We are a truly satisfied client.

CareStaf Does It Right


Your representatives were competent, professional and caring. I was very satisfied with the start of care. Everything was explained very clearly and the Nursing Supervisor was very helpful. I was so impressed. If needed, I would definitely call CareStaf for future services.

Wonderful Care Received

Mary W.

Dear CareStaf,

We just wanted to let you folks at CareStaf know that we are happy with the service you provided for our mother. Your people were all cheerful, professional, reliable, knowledgeable and were never late for a shift. They were real lifesavers. Please convey our appreciation to all the caregivers who cared for our mother and to their supervisors and management.

Excellent Service for Our Mother

S & G

Dear CareStaf,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Mom. Knowing she had caring and kind people with her as nurses meant a great deal; more than words can say. We thank you for the card, the care, the respect, and kindness. May God bless you all.

Dear CareStaf...

N, L, & E

My son had an appointment at Children's Mercy recently and the doctors and nurses were going on and on about what excellent care he receives at home. I made sure I gave all of the credit to the wonderful CareStaf nurses. I get very tearful and thankful for how hard everyone works, even in the office, to take care of my son. It is so overwhelming for me with all of the care he requires. I can't thank everyone enough for everything they do for him.

CareStaf Gives Excellent Care

Jenny P.

My son has had CareStaf nurses since 1998. In all of those years, I have been eternally grateful to have found a company whose nurses care so much. They give me such peace of mind. While I am at work, I can go about my day without concern for his well-being.

Peace of Mind About My Son's Care

Lucy W.

Having CareStaf and their trained nurses and nurse aides take care of my mother-in-law was the best decision we could have made. She has been tickled and delighted by them and all of us have been very happy with the care and companionship they have given her. Thank you so much for sending just the right people to us.

Tickled & Delighted By My CareStaf Nurses

William E.

I heard about CareStaf from a mutual friend. I needed someone to help me care for my ailing husband. I was not able to leave the house to attend to our business. The aides and nurses at CareStaf allowed me the freedom and security of leaving my husband for a few hours at a time, knowing he would be well cared for. They were there when I needed them most. Their Director of Nursing was especially kind and helpful. She was someone I trusted to keep me informed of my husband's care and requirements. They were able to go to the doctors appointments with us and relate information about my husband directly to the physician. I was very hesitant at first to have caregivers in my home, but they did such a great job and my husband really liked them. I don't know who you get to do all of your customer service training, but I need them to come to my office and tell my people how it's done! Whenever I have called, there is no hesitation in taking care of my problem, whether it's an insurance question or passing on a message to a caregiver. It's been just great! I don't know what I would have done without them. It made our situation a little easier to bear.

How CareStaf Made the Difference

J. G.

I am very impressed with the response I get when I call the CareStaf office. Everyone who answers the phone says "Oh hi Diane. How are you? How are the girls?" I really feel you are friendly and you actually care. The consistency in scheduling is truly appreciated and makes a big difference in the behavior of the girls to have someone they see on a regular basis. They know the girls and their needs. Also, the girls know their caregivers and feel comfortable with them.

CareStaf Makes My Family Feel Comfortable

Diane R.

My father was a hospice patient that you took care of over a four-day period. I am trying not to cry as I tell you what a great job your CNA's did. In my Dad's last few days, they both anticipated his every possible need and were angels, True Angels. They both went above and beyond and treated him like a king. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1-10, they were both a 15 and I can't thank them enough for making my Dad's last moments as comfortable as possible. 

Hospice from CareStaf Angels


We started a new 24/7 case over the holidays for Mrs. Hoskins.  When we start new cases, we explain to the families and clients that the first few weeks they will initially see more people, but that our goal is to take it to a consistent few.  During the month of November, we had 19 different people out there.  The client was a little upset about so many new faces.  However we took that number down to nine people in December.  It's difficult on a twenty-four hour case to do that, but Mrs. Hoskins called us to say how much she  appreciated all of our effort.

Consistency is Key at CareStaf


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