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Zika Virus (updated 8/17/16)

The following information is from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). For more detailed information, please go to their website.

There is
no vaccine to prevent this infection.
It is spread through
mosquito bites.

If you are pregnant the CDC recommends postponing travel in any trimester to areas where the Zika virus transmission is ongoing.

If you do travel to infected areas please talk to your doctor or health care provider first and stricly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites during the trip.


  •  Use a repellant that contains 20% or more DEET for protection that lasts up to several hours such as:

  • Products with one of the following active ingredients can help prevent mosquito bites:

  • Always follow product directions and reapply as directed.

  • If using sunscreen first, apply sunscreen, then the insect repellant.

  • Consider using permethrin-treated clothing and gear. (you can buy or treat yourself)

  • Cover exposed skin.

  • Stay and sleep in air conditioned rooms.

  • Use a bed net if the area is exposed to the outdoors.

  • There is a much more detailed list on the CDC website.

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